Pangandaran Tourism Object

Pangandaran is one of the most interesting tourism destinations in the West Java for the domestic and foreign tourists. This small city has amazing nature beauty. It provides a lot of good classy hotels and inns and also ones which are suitable for your estimate.  

If you don’t want to go by road, Susi Air airline provides flight schedules from Jakarta to Pangandaran. It is the quickest way and most convenient way to get to Pangandaran.

One of the famous attractions in Pangandaran is Green Canyon. It was popularized by the French in 1993. Its location is not far from Pangandaran city. Many people describe it as “A Piece of Heaven on the Earth”.

Green Canyon Pangandaran is a spectacular nature miracle that surely can be found in the other places.  There is a bridge with a width of three meters and made of soil. This unique bridge is above the twin cliffs in the edge of river.

The next is Pangandaran beautiful beach. This beach is a suitable place to holiday. The spread of brownish sand, the clean and slope slightly place will indulge yourself.   The wave in Pangandaran beach is calm enough and really comfortable to play the water. It also provides restaurants, souvenir shops, and inns around it.

You are not only playing water, but also can do some water sports such as jet sky, banana boat, snorkeling or see the sunrise and sunset. There is also a conservation area near of Pangandaran beach. You can explore the dense forest, meet the deer and monkeys, and get into the caves one of them is Gua Jepang (Japan Cave).
Batu Hiu beach is approximately 14 kilometers from Pangandaran. It has a very beautiful nature panoramic. About 200 meters from the beach there is a pile of rocks that resemble a shark,that's why this placeis called Batu Hiu.

You can enjoy the natural atmosphere of Batu Hiu beach in Pangandaran by walkingon a shady hillor lounging with family. Every visitor or touristwho comes to this place will always be curious toimmediately see thelegendary shark-like stone of this place.

In Batu Hiu beach, we are forbidden to swim because of some factors, such as too big wave and also the deep coastal plain. If you have been satisfied with the views, you can take a rest by enjoying various snacks or buying souvenirs.