Discover Bali - Indonesia

Bali is the real tourism paradise. This island which is known as the paradise island or Dewata island is the most popular tourism destination in Indonesia. Even, Travel and Leisure magazine chose Bali as World’s Best Island in the year 2009. Beside that, Lonely Planet chose Bali as the runner up for the category Best of Traver 2010. Fine a Belitung tour and holiday packages

Bali is a miracle, a perfect combination that hides a spectacular natural landscape’s beauty, rich and attractive culture and the famous hospitality of its people. Bali has the best resort in the world, adorable beaches and the glamorous nightlife.

This island really has the fabulous natural beauty, the stunning sands and beauty of the sea, the extended unique fields, the awesome volcanoes. The art and culture which seem to born from the long-lasting creativity. Everything will give you calmness and unforgettable experience for anyone who visits Bali island.

Beside that, this paradise island also has some dramatic dances, various traditional ceremonies, beautiful and high quality  arts and handcrafts. To talk about Bali is never ending. Start from the spiritual life and the foods, until the surfing, diving and tracking in the forest which are challenging your bravery and will create an extraordinary experience.

Naturally, Bali becomes the gathering place for the various tourists from all over the world. Some of them come to surf, and the others come to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and lakes’ panorama. In addition, a lot of them also come just for shopping  or spending time while relaxing themselves from their daily life.

So,... this is the right time for you to add Bali in your holiday agenda. Or you want to come back to Bali?

Let you see various interesting activities you can do in Bali, or see also a lot of Bali holiday packages that we provide to help you enjoy various of the best charms from this island.

TOP Tourism Object in Bali

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot is a very popular tourism object in Bali. It is always full of both domestic and foreign tourists. It is located in Beraban village, Kediri sub-district, Tabanan regency, Bali. The name of Tanah Lot is taken from a name of a Balinese temple, Dang heaven which is standing upright on a small island in the middle of the sea in the south of Bali.

This place has beautiful natural panorama with strong scared atmosphere. The exclusive sea view with the waves can be enjoyed from the height over fifteen meters is an incredible natural attraction. In addition, its exclusive cultural attraction make a lot of visitors always miss to come back here again.

Sunset terrace is one of the places in Tanah Lot area that provides a suitable place to create an unforgettable moment when the sun sets. You can also relax accompanied by some foods and drinks while enjoying the Tanah Lot scenery when the sea level rises.

Tanah Lot has been completed by various adequate facilities such as; parking area, public toilet, art shops, restaurants, hotels, open stage, tourist information centre, and security and safety facilities. Tanah Lot tourism object area is a holy area, so all visitors are expected to dress modestly, no harsh words and no indecent act.

Tanah Lot is also completed by the other public facilities such as an art market for the visitors who want to buy a lot of types of gifts especially Bali’s gift art. There are various types of stuffs like clothes, sarong (special cloth from Indonesia), hats, flip flops, accessories or jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and the other things with Balinese style.

Kuta Beach, Bali
Kuta Beach is one of the favorite tourism attractions in Bali and has been so popular in circle of foreign tourists. Holiday in Bali hasn’t completed yet if we don’t visit Kuta beach. A beach located in Badung regency in Bali is always full of tourists both domestic and foreigners. The atmosphere is always alive during the day and night.

You can enjoy the fresh sea air with the wave’s sounds, learn to surf, play ball, play kites, or another activities such as; massage, braiding your hair, making tattoos, and many more. If you like shopping, souvenir shops, crafts, accessories, exclusive beach outfits, and t-shirts are available around Kuta Beach.

The hot weather in Kuta beach is suitable for you who want to sunbath in the seashore. You can choose various types of hotel accommodations and enjoy the foods in a usual or a high class restaurant. When the night comes this beach will shinier. You can choose one of the luxurious bars and clubs is a row of the seashore to gather with your friends.

Meanwhile, to see the sunsets in Kuta beach is the best thing you don’t miss to. The beauty of sunset in Kuta is very spectacular and makes this beach called as “the sunset beach”. The curve beach line with crescent-shaped and the spread white sands in approximately two kilometers wide make Kuta beach more adorable. 

In the morning, Kuta beach is visited by the tourists who want to breath fresh air, just walk around, or look for some breakfasts. In the afternoon, both of the domestic and foreign tourists usually enjoy the natural view while sunbathing on the seashore. There are also some families who take the children to play sand or swimming at the beach.

As the tourism destination centre in Bali island, Kuta beach has a variety support facilities. One of them is the training centre and surfing stuffs rental. In this beach there are also some entertainment arenas such as; bungy jumping, water boom and many others.

Dreamland Beach, Bali
Dreamland is located in the south of Bali, exactly in the Pecatu island, Badung regency. It is surrounded by soaring high cliffs, and also surrounded by  big coral reefs around the beach. The location of this beach is in the complex of Bali Pecatu Graha (Kuta Golf Link Resort).

The spread out white sands, the foaming waves and the coral reefs become amazing attractions at this beach. The soared high cliffs and the coral reefs’ slots stand firmly    around the Dreamland beach. These atmospheres attract many couples from countries in all over the world make it as their pre-wedding photos’ background.

In this beach you can walk through the sands on all along the beach, play with the waves, just sitting down or do a romantic sunbathing with your soul mate while enjoying the wind blows, take some pictures, or swimming. Beside that you can also enjoy the moment when the sun sets.

Dreamland also becomes one of the new surfing spots which attract a lot of foreign tourists. The big and high waves make Dreamland as a paradise for people who like surfing. The location of Dreamland beach is easily accessible.