Bali Indonesia Tours Packages

Bali still becomes a main magnet which attracts millions foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. Moreover, some people don’t know yet if Bali Island is a part of Indonesia country. Nevertheless, Indonesia can be called as the real Asian paradise.

Tours to Indonesia of have a holiday in Bali is really interesting. By joining tour to Bali Indonesia program, visitor can enjoy various facilities and classy services. You can do a lot of challenging and interesting things that can be balanced with your passion.

There are many reasons that make Bali and generally Indonesia are very interesting to be visited, such as;

The Ease of Transportation
You can choose various modes of transportation, both air and marine transportation until traditional vehicle to explore the enchanting beauty of Indonesia. The flight route from various countries in the world also has been well connected with some international airport in Indonesia. So, you can visit this Asian paradise easily and fun.

Accommodation in Bali
As an Asian Paradise, various exotic islands and favorite destination in Indonesia has been filled by starry hotels accommodations. You can feel not only elegance, but also a lot of spectacular experiences with choices of traditional and unique accommodation such as stay at a boat or traditional raft in Kalimantan’s river. The real luxury and peace also can you enjoy in various luxurious villa or unique hotels in some big cities like Bali, Yogyakarta, Medan, etc.

People Hospitality
The hospitality of Indonesian society has spread to all over the world. You will find sincerely smile and friendly greeting from the local people where you decided to holiday despite the limitation of language. Not only that, you can also directly interact with local people in Indonesia, for example by trying your bargaining skill with the sellers in traditional markets.

Bali Nature and Culture
Indonesia’s natural beauty isn’t in doubt anymore. Even, there are many awesome charm that might be difficult or never be found in the other part of this world.

Events and Interesting Attractions
At special moment and places, you can enjoy various unique and challenging attractions. This matter surely can give you unforgettable new impression.  

So, when can we serve your arrival in Indonesia? You can choose various packages of Tours Indonesia we’ve specially designed for the foreign tourist like you visit Indonesia travel agent.

Bali Tour Package

Indonesia Tours – BaliTour Package is very interesting for the foreign tourists. According to the research data on TripAdvisor, Bali is the 7th of 10 tourism places in Indonesia that mostly search for the foreign tourists through internet. After it there are Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

Here are the 7th Bali’s tourism objects mostly search by the foreign tourists: the first is Seminyak, then Ubud, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Legian and Jimbaran.

Meanwhile, 10 countries that mostly find out information about Indonesia’s tours during 2013 are Australia, USA, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, France, Germany, China and Netherland.

From a number of tourism object which is mostly found out by foreign tourist, Bali still becomes the favorite destination.

Why does Bali become the most-wanted destination and the favorite holiday destination for foreign tourists?

According to JagooTravel, besides having a lot of very nice beach for sunbathing and relaxation, Bali also has many beautiful hotels and resorts with facilities and high class services. Besides that, there are also many restaurants that attract the foreign tourists even the local tourists. There are many unique restaurants with various fresh seafood menu and the satisfying services.

Besides the awesome hotels, resosts, and beaches, Bali also offers some nightclubs such as bars nad high class clubs.

Bali Island Indonesia becomes the most-wanted and desirable destination for both the foreign tourists and local ones.

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